Medicare Picnic 2016

As most of the class turned 65 in 2016, we celebrated by having a "Medicare Picnic" for our 47th class reunion.  The event was held on August 20th at the Gull Lake Inn and picnic fare was catered by Boogie BBQ.  Rain may have affected the turn out, however we were fortunate to have had access to both indoor and outdoor facilities.  Over 70 committed to attend, but the actual attendance was closer to 60.  We invited the classes of 1967,1968,1970,and 1971 to join us and had about a dozen guests from those classes.  This was the first reunion attended by several of our classmates and they expressed their desire to be here in 2019 for the 50th.  Classmates flew in from Oregon, California, Texas, and Florida.  Many drove more than six hours to attend from as far away as Canada.  It was dissappointing that more of the local classmates were unable to attend. 

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Classmates attending:  (Listed under name at graduation)

Kathy Adamson, Phil Bachers, Kathy Bostwick, Carol Casler, Mary Corsette, Carol Crossman, Marcia Davis, Tom Dewey, Pam Erskine, Marie Flook, Bruce Ganer, Debbie Gibbs, Nancy Good, Don Hammond, Shari Hammond, Pam Harrington, Maureen Hill, Mike Johnson, Steve Lawrence, Ed Newington, Tammy Owens, Lee Peekstok, John Rastoskey, John Scheidt, Marty Shingledecker, Jeff Smith, Roy Smith, Harold (J.R.) Tackett, Rick Taylor, Terry Tobias, George Turner, Jim Tustin, Linda VanBuren, Pat Waldorf, Blaine Williams.

We thank the spouses of classmates who attended for their "moral" support.  Other classmates included, Greg Carpenter and Chris Leroy from class of 1970; Debbie Hutchinson and Mike VanBuren class of 1971, and Rick King, Sally Newington, Nancy Bonner, Frank Cox, and Bob Vacarro from the class of 1968. 

I apologize in advance if I left anyone out or made any errors.


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