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08/15/14 05:58 PM #1    


Shari Hammond (Snider)

Welcome to the Gull Lake High School Class of 1969 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

08/21/14 03:11 PM #2    

Kathy Adamson (Simpson)

We will be in Raleigh, North Carolina for the reunion, but wish everyone well and an great night!  


08/22/14 11:04 AM #3    


Shari Hammond (Snider)

Will miss you Kathy!  Will keep you posted of future events with plenty of lead time.  Tentative plans for a "Medicare Party" in 2016.

08/26/14 09:33 PM #4    

Tamara Owens (Walma)

I really had a lot of doubts about another reunion that was "last minute"! Again, I figured no one would be able to come and it would be so crowded at the Dock that you couldn't move or hear a conversation. I can say I was totally wrong and the whole evening went so well!! Thank you Shari!! You did an amazing job putting this together and it was nice to see everyone and when we moved to the back porch area, we were able to really have a good time!! I am looking forward to the "Medicare Picnic" !!  Having enough advanced time should see a really good turn-out!! This web site is just the best too!! Tammy

08/27/14 12:18 AM #5    


Mike Clark

I love the comment Medicare picnic...laugh


08/27/14 12:13 PM #6    


Shari Hammond (Snider)

Thanks Tammy,  I was pleased how well we came together.  From here on in I am committed to giving everyone lots of advance notice.  We have a tentative date of August 20,2016 for our Medicare Party Picnic.  Just need to nail down the venue. The majority of the class will be turning 65 in 2016.   Will be fun to do something during the day and commiserate with those who are already 65!

We still need to get more classmates to complete their profiles.  Everyone on the "missing classmates" link is not missing, they just haven't completed their profiles.  So,everyone, please encourage anyone who has a connection to our class to join the website!

A big "THANKS" to Blaine Williams for locating information on our deceased classmates.  I really appreciate the help in getting more information on our website.


08/28/14 12:21 PM #7    

Marty Shingledecker (Hoag)

I miss the last one and it was the first one I ever missed. I thought of you guys the whole night and I will not miss any more God willing. :)  I love seeing all the pictures, Just wish I was in them too. 

08/28/14 02:48 PM #8    

Bruce Ganer

Tammy, i regret not picking up on your suggestion to meet for breakfast like we did on one other class reunion a few years back at the BlackHawk.  It would have been a great way to extend the reunion somewhat and recap on the evening before.  Lets plan on it next time.  I had an excellent time seeing everyone and hope that it sets the tone for the "Medicare Picnic reunion" and then for the 50th.  Best wishes to all, hoping to see everyone in good health and spirits next time.

08/28/14 02:51 PM #9    

Bruce Ganer

Shari, note, Wilson Boyd, passed away last year.  Sorry for not mentioning it sooner.

02/23/15 04:57 PM #10    


Shari Hammond (Snider)

It has been awhile since I have been on the website.  Still hoping to get more class members to join us!  I have the contact box for our class from Jim Tustin and will work on the contacts over the next year in preparation for our August 20, 2016 Medicare Party!  I have contacted the Gull Lake Inn and we have the date reserved.  I also contacted Gull Lake Country Club about our 50th.  Response I got back was very costly but I will try to get up there this summer and see if we can do any better with their venue.  I have had some classmates join and I am trying to get them to join this website. isn't too cooperative in allowing me to post this website!  If you talk to anyone  that registered on, please be sure to give them this website address.  Have a great 2015!  All of us in the midwest are anxious to get through the rest of this cold winter, looking forward to spring.  Shari


04/21/16 02:12 PM #11    


Gordon Forman

Can attend, must arrange transportation; any problem with driver attending as my guest?



04/22/16 09:35 AM #12    


Shari Hammond (Snider)

No problem with a guest as spouses will be with most of the classmates.  Also, would like to encourage the classes of 1967,1968,1970,1971 to join us if they want.  We were all in high school at the same time and it will be fun to share memories. 

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